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New Protocol for Patients

  • Please call when 512-280-2010 you arrive in the parking lot
  • We will check your body temp prior to entering our suite, either in your car or in the foyer
  • We will ask you questions about symptoms, recent travel and potential exposure
  • Patients will be directly escorted to treatment room
  • Unless advanced arrangements are made adult patients should arrive alone
  • Minors and dependents should arrive with a parent or guardian
  • Upon entering the treatment room, you will be asked to swish briefly with mouth rinse
  • After your appointment you will be escorted to the front door of the suite
  • For now, our front door will be locked. Even locked, you can always exit without a key.
  • We appreciate your patience with our team members as we have increased our infection control
  • Our team will look different as we have a significant increase in our personal protective equipment